Wonder Swan Total Sound Driver

This is the device driver for playing the music/effect data on the WonderSwan (BANDAI Co.Ltd.).
This is the library for the C-language and the assembly language (MASM), and the IL (In direct library of the WonderWitch).
User can use WTD for your application of the WonderSwan.

WTD can use the WonderSwan emulator. (oswan etc..)
Therefore, user can make and play the music data without the WonderSwan and the WonderWitch.
Moreover, Audio Overload can play the WTD's music data converted into the ROM image when it changes the extension of filename is changed from "WSC" to "WSR".

Please use it for chiptune, etc..


WTDSV.fx (WonderWitch Music Selector & Viewer for WTD)

This is the music selector and viewer on the WonderSwan.
This is WonderWitch application.
WTDSV.fx can play WTD's music data file with the "WTD.fx"(In-Direct Library).

WTC.com (MML Compiler)

This is MML compiler on the MS-DOS (Microsoft).
WTC.com can convert from the MML (Music Macro Language) file to the WTD's music file.
MML Reference

WSWA.exe (WonderSwan Wave Audition for Windows)

This is the PCM wave editor on the MS-Windows.
WSWA.exe can make the ".WTV" (PCM's wave) file.

WSMAKE.com (WonderSwan Emulator ROM image maker)

This is converter to make the rom image file for the Wonder Swan Emulator.
This is 16bit MS-DOS (Microsoft) application.
WSMAKE.com can convert from the WTD's music file to the ".WSC" (ROM image file for the WonderSwan Emulator) file.
This ROM image have the music player and viewer.

DAT2ASM.com (Easy un assembler)

This is converter to make the .ASM (assembly language) file.
This is 16bit MS-DOS (Microsoft) application.


Device Driver(Library)

Music/Effect data

PCM Voice data

Software Development Kit

Library file

Library functions

Structure and Using memory of the WTD

Using device of the WTD

Data format